Solar Installation


With the rebates offered by the Alberta Government, there has never been a better time to consider installing a Solar PV system on your home, building or site. The process of permits, engineering, commissioning and paperwork can seem overwhelming - which is why we have a trained and qualified team to take care of it for you. Our team is certified to offer and process the current Government rebates. Not all Solar systems are created equal - we’ll make sure you have the right size system, explain in detail how the system works and give you a breakdown of the financial benefits you are going to see.


Solar installation benefits


Save on Energy Costs

Offset your consumption with the production of a Photovoltaic system. You will receive micro-generation credit on your monthly energy bill. Both Alberta Government and City of Edmonton provide rebates for installation of solar PV systems.

Offset Your Carbon Footprint

You will be producing and consuming clean and renewable energy. Excess clean energy will be exported to the grid to be consumed by others.

Utilize Renewable Energy

The sun is an incredible source of sustainable energy. Alberta is one of the best locations in the world for solar energy production, regardless of the season.


Financing Available

Want to go green? We want to help! Soltek Roofing & Solar are now partnering with ATB to offer financing for your solar project!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Which direction is best for installed solar panels to face?

A: South facing installation is ideal, as it provides the most direct hours of sunlight. East and West facing installations however, will still produce a high rate of return by simply adding a module
or two.

Q: Is my roof ready for solar installation?

A: It really depends on the lifespan of your product or roofing material. It’s best if we come out and evaluate on sight. We have the knowledge and expertise to determine the best and most cost effective solution for you.

Q: Can I add to the solar system later if I want to?

A: If you are looking at installing based on future consumption, it would be best to choose a system that would include future consumption. Adding on to an existing system requires resubmission of permits, engineering and micro-generation agreement.